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euHackathon: Hack4Transparency

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8-9 November 2011, Brussels, Belgium: Come Hack4Transparency with Us!

Deadline for applications: Monday 17 October! Travel and accomodation costs paid by the organisers for each selected applicant (or selected team).
The Hack4Transparency event will take place from Tuesday 8 to Wednesday 9 November 2011 and will be the first-ever ‘hackathon’ within the premises of the European Institutions, more specifically in the European Parliament in Brussels. The location aims to reinforce the symbolic value of uniting the ‘old’ (i.e. the European Institutions and law-makers) with the ‘new’ world (i.e. the Internet and the hackers). It also puts the European Parliament at the forefront of innovative legislators in the digital rights arena.
The goal of the event is to get together talented European developers to facilitate the co-creation of tools based on existing code and data sources within a 24-hour time constraint in two distinct and parallel development tracks, both focused on enabling transparency and accountability in the information society. In doing so the event wants to help build bridges between code and law (to paraphrase Lawrence Lessig) by joining hackers (in a positive sense), civil society, industry and legislators for the benefit of all European citizens.
Click here to learn more about our Call4Applications. And who knows, maybe you will be the winner of one of our Hack4Transparency awards (3000,00 Eur for first prize for each track).


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