Freitag, 14. Oktober 2011

code-n contest

CODE n sucht die 50 innovativsten jungen Entrepreneure:

“Shaping Mobile Life” – today and tomorrow!

The race is on: CODE_n is looking for the world’s 50 most innovative young entrepreneurs for digital and mobile solutions. The innovators and their ideas will be presented at the 2012 CeBIT show in Hanover, Germany. The theme: “Shaping Mobile Life” – today and tomorrow.

Maybe you’re not a young entrepreneur, but you know the ropes of the mobile world and never miss a trend? Then enter our blog contest and share your thoughts, opinions and experiences with the global mobile community.

What’s the theme of the contest?

Who will be the next Steve Jobs of the mobile revolution? What will mobility be like in 20 years? Will real-time communication become an established force, or will Twitter be forgotten in five years? How will smartphones, Foursquare and the like change our lives and work? We want your opinions and ideas!

What can I win?

The three most creative contributions will be awarded. The winners can look forward to:

First prize: € 700; second prize: € 200; third prize: € 100.
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